When’s the best time to start feeding wild birds?
The beauty of wild bird feeding is that you can start anytime. The birds can use your help in the very early spring when natural seed sources are scarce. In general, whenever the weather is severe, birds will appreciate a reliable supplemental food source. Birds never become dependent on a single food source.  When you see large numbers of birds at feeders it means the natural foods in your area are scarce. Late winter and early summer are the most active times and fall is generally the slowest time at feeders.

I just put a bird feeder (and/or birdbath) in my yard. Why are no birds coming?
Sometimes it takes birds quite a while before they use a new feeder or birdbath. If after ten days, no birds are visiting, think about moving the unit to another location in your yard. Also as stated above, the time of year you place a new feeder can have a huge impact on how long it takes for birds to find and use it.

Where have all my birds gone? They were visiting my feeders on a daily basis and now they’re gone.
Birds will visit feeders less during certain times of the year. During spring and fall, my regular birds disappear for several weeks. Keep a fresh supply of birdseed in your feeders and you’ll be rewarded with returning birds.

How do I keep squirrels from eating all of the food I put out for the birds?
Squirrels can jump up to 5 feet high and 8 feet across! If you have the room, try locating your feeders outside the range of their extraordinary leaps. You may also consider the type of feeder you use. Try one with a wire cage around the feeder. There are many very effective feeders and baffles available to keep squirrels out of your birdseed. Droll Yankees and Brome Bird Feeders have several styles that are very effective at keeping squirrels at bay.  Cole’s Wild Bird Seed offer “hot seed” mixes that discourage all mammals and birds love it.  We even offer ‘HOT PEPPER SUET’ our best-selling suet cake. There are multiple ways today that you can make your feeding areas “bird only.”

How can I attract more birds?
Be sure to have the best combination of the following: Shelter, Water, and Food. Keep all these items clean and fresh if you want bigger numbers and healthier birds.

How can I avoid bees at my hummingbird feeder?
Bees are usually a problem only in hot weather. It’s inevitable that bees will visit your hummingbird feeder. Little plastic bee guards may help keep them from getting nectar, but it won’t stop them from trying. The safest solution is to keep feeders away from where people are likely to be bothered by bees. Try a new “bee-proof” hummingbird feeder. If sugar ants are a problem add an ant trap to keep them out of your feeders. (see Tips)

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