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Droll Yankee Window FeederThe Bird Store offers the best selection in central Georgia, of premium bird seed and wildlife foods, all proven to attract a wide variety of backyard birds. We also provide a great selection in:

  • Quality bird feeders
  • Bird baths and houses
  • Guidebooks
  • Home and garden decor
  • Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes
  • Unique gifts and more

Young and old can benefit from attracting, watching, and feeding wild birds and other backyard wildlife. Whether you have a thousand acres of natural habitat or a tiny enclosed courtyard off an apartment, you can create an inviting location that colorful wild birds will appreciate.

Specialty Items

Corinthian Bell ChimesIf you only use one bird seed to feed and attract the greatest variety of wild birds, Cole’s Wild Bird Seed products are the way to go. Cole’s manufactures a variety of special bird seed, hot meats, nuts, and more. Cole's is a Georgia based small business. Want to attract and feed the beautiful birds in your backyard, but not the squirrels? The Bird Store has just the product! Come on in and check us out.

Want to hear the soothing sound of wind chimes in your backyard?  We carry Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes which are hand-crafted and hand-tuned in the USA.  They have centrally suspended aluminum alloy tubes along with the very high density striker that give these chimes their beautiful tones. Stop by The Bird Store to see and hear more!


One of the most popular items to feed bluebirds during the nesting season is mealworms.  We offer them in cups of 100 count ($2.95), bags of 1000 count ($12.99), or bags of 5000 count ($39.99). Mealworms are best placed in a shallow dish near the nesting bluebirds.  Bluebirds become quite tame when they learn you are the provider and will gladly gobble up all you are willing to provide. The advantages are healthier adults and young and more broods per year which translates to a larger bluebird population. 

Stop by The Bird Store in Macon, Georgia to find out more!

Erva Hardware Products

Hardware is one of our best selling lines in the store.  Erva (also called Nature House) is based in Chicago, IL.

We carry squirrel baffles, hooks, deck hangers, shepherd staffs, and bird house and feeder poles.  90% of Erva products are Made in the USA. The beauty of this company is how you can mix and match different products to accomplish your look or goal.  Do you want a pole with one arm, two, three, four, you can do it.  Do you want to start with one and later add more, you can do this too.  Come in and let us show you how easy it is to design your own personal setup. (To see Erva products click here) You will not see better prices on quality hardware than at The Bird Store. Delivery and set up can be arranged in the Macon, Georgia, area.

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