Reward Card program

Reward Card program

Join our Reward Card program. All of your Cole's and Song of America seed purchases qualify for our rewards program. Start your card today! We have been adding many new gift items over the last 12 months. Come in and see our wooden hand made toys by Phil. Locally made...

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Specials and coupons

Join our email newsletter list for specials and coupons!! It is normal to see some bugs in bird seed mixes during the hot summer months. I suggest you buy only enough seed to last two to four weeks. If you see some bugs in seed , place seed in a freezer for 48 hours....

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Prices are on the rise!

Good News, we have most seed mixes in stock.  Prices are rising for several reasons.  Farmers planted 25% less oil sunflower last year, so with a reduction in supply, you get a rise in wholesale pricing.  Added to this are increased shipping cost. ...

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Cole’s Wild Bird Products

Cole’s Wild Bird Products have always led the market with the best bird seed blends and the highest quality foods. One of the best products to arrive is the HOT SEED Blends. Cole’s “Hot Meats,” “Cajun Blend,” and “Blazing Hot Blend” have added a whole new spin on...

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Great Family Fun

Wild bird feeding is fun for all ages.  I have had seniors down to tots, excited about see birds at feeders and houses.  It's never too early or late to begin enjoying wild birds. Come in and let our staff introduce you to wild birds!  Everyone who works here enjoys...

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