Prices are on the rise!

Good News, we have most seed mixes in stock.  Prices are rising for several reasons.  Farmers planted 25% less oil sunflower last year, so with a reduction in supply, you get a rise in wholesale pricing.  Added to this are increased shipping cost.  I expect prices to go even higher, as farmers cost to plant and harvest will increase due to fuel costs.  Take advantage of all our squirrel proof options so your seed will last longer.    

We are selling a cleaner, premium grade oil sunflower now.  It is a little more, but you will love how clean it is. Quality seed is still the best way to go.  Cheaper blends are full of seeds the birds will not eat.  Make your seed go farther with quality squirrel proof bird feeders.  Of continued concern is shipping costs. We buy seed in large quantities to help offset higher shipping. The Bird Store will always have the freshest seed we can find.

You will always get our best price on quality seed products. Please support your local small businesses.

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