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Bird Feeders, Bird Seed, Backyard Supplies and Bird Houses in Macon Georgia - The Bird Store


The Bird Store offers FREE delivery to Macon, Warner Robins, and Perry with orders over $50!




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We have been adding many new gift items the last 12 months. Come in a browse the many Melissa and Doug toys we now have in stock.

Corinthian Bell chimes have for years been a favorite of ours. Many customers have bought several for themselves and they make a great gift. See our collection of Little Guys figurines, hand made in North Carolina. Hand painted glass ornaments were a hit last year and are one of those gifts that will be passed down for generations. Remember us for those thoughtful, unique, quality gifts.


New Stone Age Creations bird baths and statuary.

Carved out of rocks, made to last a lifetime. 


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It is normal to see some bugs in bird seed mixes during the hot summer months. I suggest you buy only enough seed to last two to four weeks. If you see some bugs in seed , place seed in a freezer for 48 hours. This will kill all the bugs without any harm to the seed. Bugs are not a sign of quality, insects lay their eggs on the seed prior to harvest, these eggs hatch, feed on the seed just as a butterfly would feed on a host plant.  Seed is still fine to feed the birds.




What's New?

Don't miss a great buy! Right now, the Bird Store is currently ofering the following current specials:


The Bird Store is a certified repair center for Droll Yankees Wild Bird Feeders.

Droll Yankees and Aspects bird feeding companies are always on the forefront in developing great bird feeders. Recently both companies have launched easy to clean tube feeders.

  • Feeders easily disassemble with no tools required.
  • Now there is no reason your birds have to eat from dirty feeders.

Check them out today!  We have many of these in stock at The Bird Store or they can be ordered within a week.

Click here to check out the Droll Yankees Flipper video


Read latest Ocmulgee Audubon Society News under resources/ links section !!

The Bird Store has a variety of special items for bird lovers; our featured product is always unique:

Cole’s Wild Bird Products have always led the market with the best bird seed blends and the highest quality foods.

One of the best products to arrive is the HOT SEED Blends. Cole’s “Hot Meats,” “Cajun Blend,” and “Blazing Hot Blend” have added a whole new spin on “squirrel proof” bird feeding. With these products you can feed wild birds anywhere and not have to worry about squirrels, raccoons or chipmunks raiding the feeder.  Top quality sunflower meats are infused with an exclusive chili pepper blend.  Just enough kick to provide the raiders with a burning sensation without causing any harm.  Birds love them, squirrels don't!

Notice about seed prices. Updated JANUARY 2015 Lower prices on most all seed blends

Good News, prices are stable or lower! We have dropped the prices on many of our best selling blends. Millet has come way down from last seasons highs. Safflower is not yet showing any decline but we are holding prices the same.    We are selling a cleaner, premium grade oil sunflower now.  It is a little more, but you will love how clean it is. Quality seed is still the best way to go.  Cheaper blends are full of seeds the birds will not eat.  Make your seed go farther with quality squirrel proof bird feeders.  Of continued concern is shipping costs. We buy seed in large quantities to help offset higher shipping. The Bird Store will always have the freshest seed we can find. You will always get our best price on quality seed products. Please support your local small businesses.



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